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What is appropriate dress for each day?

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asked Aug 8, 2016 in Legal Mapmaker ™ Clinic by AggieLawLady (190 points)
What is appropriate dress for each day?

2 Answers

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Business casual is appropriate for the clinic and for the reception.


answered Aug 8, 2016 by admin (2,700 points)
selected Aug 8, 2016 by AggieLawLady
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As a general rule, try to fit in to the culture in your company. If you dress completely differently from everyone else in your company, you will stand out and not in a good way. Dressing in a manner appropriate to the company culture shows that you are a team player and are concerned about the kind of image you and your company present to clients. When in doubt, imitate your boss.
Get a copy of your company’s dress code policy.
Go for quality over quantity. A well-made jacket in a quality fabric may cost you quite a bit more than one that is cheaply made, but it will look better, fit better, and last longer than the inexpensive version.
Take care of those good-quality clothes you’ve invested in. You may want to purchase shoe trees, a tie rack, those goofy rubber shoes that fit over your dress shoes, and other items that you’ve only ever seen in your dad’s closet.

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answered Sep 15, 2017 by annchriss234 (140 points)
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