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Legal Mapmaker™ in the News!

Following the 2016 program, KWTX News 10 featured a story on Legal Mapmaker™ and how Baylor Law School is making it possible for young lawyers to build successful law firms while also addressing the widening justice gap.


August, 2016

"Much like the State Bar’s Texas Opportunity and Justice Incubator program, Legal Mapmaker™ aspires to increase the public’s access to justice. By following the Legal Mapmaker™ recommended steps and starting a law firm that is efficient and cost-conscious, young lawyers will be in a position to help their fellow Americans who are otherwise not served by the legal profession..."

State Bar of Texas

August 15, 2016

"Much like the Texas Opportunity and Justice Incubator Program spearheaded by State Bar President Frank Stevenson, Legal Mapmaker™ aims to increase the public’s access to justice while also helping young lawyers succeed in the field..."

Texas Lawyer

August 29, 2016

"If we can encourage future law graduates to be involved in this starting out, I think it's good for them and I think it's good for the public," said Baylor Law professor Jim Wren, one of the creators of Legal Mapmaker..."


September 16, 2016

"'Can you afford a lawyer?'
That’s the first question Stephen Rispoli, assistant dean of student affairs and pro bono programs at Baylor Law School, asks when he speaks about the access-to-justice gap – the staggering number of Americans who have basic legal needs but cannot afford the services of an attorney."


“We were delighted to join our colleagues at Baylor Law School as co-sponsors of the Legal Mapmaker™ program. The program not only helps young lawyers start a law practice but also addresses the growing access to justice gap. The materials were comprehensive and the speakers were abundantly qualified and insightful. In short, the program was excellent. I strongly recommend it.”

“The Business of running the business of a law practice doesn’t just happen. It’s complex, it’s competitive, it’s challenging, it’s confusing and that doesn’t even begin to address where do I find the clients. Baylor Law School’s Legal Mapmaker™ initiative provided concrete answers coupled with economic considerations to all those topics and more. It was my honor to be part of this excellent conference and congrats to Baylor for bringing this much needed programing to these new lawyers

“The Legal Mapmaker program is a useful, creative and informative program to help young lawyers start the practice of law. No matter the path the new lawyer decides to take, this program provides much-needed practical guidance from some of the best in the industry. Is is an excellent opportunity for the young lawyer to learn and grow..”

“The marketing aspect of the Legal Mapmaker program allowed open discussion between multiple legal marketing professionals and the attendees. The participants were able to ask honest and specific questions that will help them grow their practice. The materials and information provided to the attendees is invaluable to helping an attorney launch a law firm.”


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