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Legal Mapmaker™ 2017 is a Baylor Law School project being undertaken in cooperation with other law schools to provide a practice development template for young lawyers who want to open their own law firm.

Helping Lawyers Close the Justice Gap

Updated June 5, 2017

Last year, Baylor Law launched a new initiative – Legal Mapmaker™. The project has two major goals: to help young lawyers start successful and efficient law practices, and to help address the growing access to justice gap. We were fortunate to have the support of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Access to Justice Commission, the Texas Young Lawyers Association, and every law school in Texas.

This program is open to all, but especially tailored to serve recent law school graduates who are planning to hang a shingle once they receive their bar results or are considering making the move from a firm to opening their own shop. This year, the program will be hosted by Texas A&M University School of Law and expanded to a three-day program, which will take place in Fort Worth on August 16th-18th. In addition to live presentations and materials on each topic, we will also have workshops to help young lawyers connect one-on-one with the experts. The topics for this year include:

  1. Mission and professionalism
  2. Selection of practice areas
  3. Alternative fee arrangements
  4. Business planning
  5. Financial management
  6. Technology
  7. Cyber security
  8. Website development
  9. Marketing
  10. Health and wellness
  11. Office and staffing
  12. State bar member benefits
  13. Professional liability coverage
  14. Avoiding malpractice
  15. Bar and community involvement
  16. Client relations and delivery of services
  17. Case evaluation and referrals
  18. Coaching

The key, as we see it, is to provide solid recommendations about steps and processes young lawyers need to implement to start their law firm and be successful and efficient as soon as possible. In addition, we are striving to give participants a system that keeps costs as low as possible, so that they can price their services at an affordable, profitable level. By teaching young lawyers how to launch efficient, successful practices, we hope to help lower the overall costs of legal services, thereby also addressing the growing access to justice gap.